Why Should You Use Wheelchair Taxi Services for Your Loved Ones?

Taxis can be a useful means of transportation, especially when using public transportation is challenging or scarce. Wheelchair taxis are essential for the disabled who want to travel across the nation, whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or a tour of the town while on vacation (or their local area). Now your loved ones can “travel with dignity”—be it for a hospital visit, a social gathering, or even a visit to the shrine—thanks to wheelchair taxi services, like Muskoka Taxi in Ontario. Here’s what you need to know about these services:

What Is A Wheelchair Taxi?

Taxis that can accommodate wheelchairs are typically black cabs, wheelchair-accessible cars, people movers, minibusses, or modified small vans. Instead of having to transfer from a wheelchair to a car seat and disassemble the wheelchair for the trip, they have a ramp or a passenger lift to help the wheelchair user get into the vehicle. Wheelchair taxi services in Ontario enable disabled people to maintain the position that is most beneficial to their body and posture because wheelchairs are specifically made to support a disabled person.

Taxis that can accommodate wheelchairs must also have a way to keep the wheelchair in place while the vehicle is moving. Keeping the user stationary and the chair still, ensures everyone’s safety. The wheelchair user should be able to use lap or seat belts to maintain stability.

What Information About Transporting People With Disabilities Should A Cab Driver Have?

Wheelchair taxi service drivers in Ontario may occasionally be required to complete a required course in disability awareness, depending on local laws or regulations. Sadly, some localities have yet to add disability awareness training as a choice for taxi driver training, while other localities provide it as an optional extra. 

Some wise counsel for taxi drivers is as follows:

1. Taxi drivers should always treat their passengers with respect, including those with disabilities, and they should be aware that some people with disabilities have communication challenges.

2. Instead of assuming what will help, taxi drivers should ask their disabled passengers what assistance they need.

3. Taxi drivers should be patient if a passenger moves slowly or has trouble getting into a vehicle.

4. When transporting disabled passengers, taxi drivers should exercise extra caution to avoid situations like hard braking or sudden corners, in case the passenger is in pain or easily hurts themselves.

Gravenhurst’s 1st Wheelchair Taxi Service In Ontario

Muskoka Taxi is the first wheelchair-accessible taxi service in Gravenhurst. We have a taxi that will meet your needs and make it simple for you to get around Muskoka. To meet your various needs, our fleet includes a wide variety of vehicles. We have family vans, large group vans, and sedans. We are also the first taxi service in the area with wheelchair accessibility. We stand out from the competition thanks to our distinctive logo, which is displayed on every one of our vehicles and has gained widespread recognition in the area.

Our desire to consistently exceed customer expectations, along with our commitment to hospitality and professionalism, are our top priorities. Professionally trained drivers operate our taxis. When you call Muskoka Taxi, you can relax, knowing that you’ll arrive where you want to be at the time you want.

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