Rates and Tariffs are governed by the bylaws of Gravenhurst. To ensure they are correct, our meters are checked each spring and/or whenever a cab is replaced or changes ownership.

Standard Rates:

  • Drop charge: $4.00
  • Per kilometer charge: $4.50
  • Waiting time: $100.00 per hour
  • Deliveries: Minimum charge is $20.00
    • When on deliveries, the meter starts when the driver gets out of his/her car to pick up your order.
    • To help keep your costs down, please make sure that your order will be ready when we arrive for pick up.
    • We do accept debit, credit cards, and charges on prepaid accounts for the cost of the cab fare. However, the cost of your order must be prepaid at point of pick up, or paid in cash upon delivery.
    • Muskoka Taxi is also an Express Delivery Service. This may be especially important if you are a manufacturer and have a high production line out of action. The cost of an expedited delivery of a much needed part can often be greatly offset by substantially reduced downtime.
  • Boosts: $25.00
  • Return trip fares (for out-of-town trips only):
    • For fares under $175 = $150.00
    • For fares over $175.00 and over: $170.00

Drive Home:

For 3x the meter rate, we will drive you and your car home.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • 1x the meter rate for a driver to drive you home.
  • 1x the meter rate for a second driver to drive your car home.
  • 1x the meter rate for the first driver to return the second driver back to his cab.
  • = 3x the meter rate.

Note:Our rates are governed under the Taxi Bylaws of the Town of Gravenhurst. This ensures the same pricing for everyone all the time with no surprises.

All Prices Include 13% HST.

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