We will always make sure that your request for taxi transportation is sent out in a timely manner. We appreciate your future business and will work hard to keep it; however, we also have to make sure that our drivers are compensated for their time and expense. To that end, we wish to make you aware of the conditions listed below:

  • Any per-booked trip may be canceled up to half an hour before it is due (Local client-Re-side within 2Km of Town).
  • Any Pre-Paid booking is not refundable.
  • Any per-booked trip that is NOT canceled will be charged full fare to the intended destination point.
  • Drivers will wait for 5 minutes at the pick-up point.
  • After the 5-minute grace period, the trip will be classified as a “No Show”.
  • All “No Shows” will be billed full fare (Cash / Debit / Credit Card).
  • Out of town destinations and/or unknown destinations will be billed $7.00
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